Grab this Easy Lead Gen System to Land New Real Estate

Agent Clients!

One of the primary reasons someone visits your real estate sign is to search through a listing. If your listings aren’t displaying in an intuitive and easy to read format, you could lose that mobile visitor forever. Laser Flyers make sure your listings, and more importantly, your calls to action are ready for someone using any phone.



  •  At the curb… When it matters most…  Our Patented Technology!!!
  •  Advanced Lead Generation that works on all mobile devices by Phone and Text…
  •  Your Visitors Want To Engage With You

But first, you have to give them the opportunity to reach out and contact you. We make this as easy as it can be. Laser Flyers feature smart lead capture on every sign to your site. Automatic web leads to fuel profits. So What Makes Laser Flyers Different?



Inbound marketing is all about timing. When a visitor finds something valuable on your Sign that compels them to want to contact you and then you give them an easy way to get in touch – you’re set to get leads on autopilot. Laser Flyers feature Smart Texting, QR Code technology, and a built-in lead capture system that takes homebuyers to your Mobile Property Listing. Never miss an opportunity again.


The key to any successful lead capture offers – Homebuyers have the opportunity to receive a complete Property Listing in real-time right in their hands and that resonates with your audience. Whether you want your marketing to focus on buyer or seller leads, you can customize all of your call to action to align with your goals. We take care of the branding and setup – you get to focus on your marketing plan.



Laser Flyers gives your visitors multiple opportunities to opt-in with their contact information. If a visitor wants to contact you, they will have no problem getting in touch.

So What Makes Laser Flyers Different?

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