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With growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, one way you can
protect your potential homebuyers is by avoiding the touching/handling of paper.
Search property the safer way through our online portal.
Our online portal gives the ability to search properties online
from the comfort of your car…

The same old-same old of yard signs, leaflet boxes, and traditional websites are rapidly being replaced by more interactive instant solutions such as Mobile QR Codes and Text Message Marketing. By going digital you will:

  • Eliminate the need to print, copy and refill yard boxes with leaflets (Saving $1,000+ per year)– with leaflets, you never know who’s picking them up or when they run out, they get wet, they get thrown out or worse, tossed in the yard of the property you’re trying to sell!
  • Know immediately who is accessing information about a specific property – with Real Estate Mobile Marketing you know who accessed information and have their contact information.
  •  Be able to text listings directly to a prospect’s phone – send them what they want via real estate SMS Marketing to achieve a higher closing rate.

Our programs on Real Estate Mobile Marketing will teach you all about:

  • Real Estate SMS Marketing
  • Mobile for Realtors
  • Real Estate QR Codes
  • Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents
  • Mobile Websites for Realtors
  • And Much, Much More!

How Can Mobile Marketing Convert Prospects to Closings?

Real Estate Mobile Marketing is so effective because people are usually on the move when they are looking at properties. Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents is used by Realtors to:

  • Allow prospects to Text or, scan a QR Code, and receive back an SMS Marketing Message with Property listing details – instant gratification for the prospective buyer.
  • Encourage prospects to contact you to schedule a showing through a Text Message. Marketing like this can give you an instant conversion from blind lead to a Property viewing.

Realtors Drive Sales By:

  • Allowing buyers to search your properties for the best fit and notify you of their results so you can follow up.
  • Providing entertainment – a build your dream house type of mobile site encourages people to think about what they want in a property.
  • Encourage brainstorming on a new house through a mobile-focused on decorating and furnishing your prospective home.

Real Estate SMS Marketing Can Be Used To:

  • Send messages to prospects alerting them to new listings that fit their search parameters.
  • Confirm showings to reduce cancellations.
  • Communicate interactively with prospects to schedule showings while their interest is hot.

Real Estate QR Codes Drive Sales By:

  • Allowing people to scan a code or text a number from you Sign Rider that opens a Mobile Site, Specific to that Property.
  • Notifying you when a QR Code has been scanned so you can follow up with the prospect while they are still at the property and interested.

Is Real Estate Mobile Marketing Complex?

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to grasp the basics of Mobile Marketing for Realtors. Our course will show you the ins and outs of all aspects of Real Estate Agent Mobile Marketing. From Real Estate SMS Marketing to Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents, our training covers it all in a simple to understand format. If you are a Realtor, this course is designed specifically for you – we will show you SMS Marketing, Real Estate QR Codes, and More.



Many Realtors are using Real Estate SMS Marketing to build personal relationships with sales prospects and sellers to convert leads to sales. Text message marketing for real estate agents is one of the easiest mobile marketing strategies to implement and our free course will show you how. Watch today for free to learn how to start building mobile relationships that will result in sales and profits.