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It happens every day.
Serious buyer drive by a home that looks interesting, and you want more information.
So, you pull over to the curb, walk up to the flyer box, and . . .
It’s empty !!!
I have never understood why listing agents fail to keep flyers in their flyer boxes.
Why even HAVE a flyer box if you can’t figure out how to keep a supply of flyers in it?


Why is this so awesome?

Well, besides having people in your database that you can now connect with at any time, you are also saving money on things like flyers and flyer boxes. You have happier seller clients who aren’t going to complain your flyer box is empty. And for a real estate agent, one sale can cover the cost of four years of mobile marketing costs.


Text and Scan

Agents and brokers capture leads by offering prospective clients the ability to “text or scan for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent – giving them the opportunity to connect the way they want when they want. This means that a prospective buyer can access information on a property virtually immediately, without having to stop to record any detail manually.

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Mobile Property Listing

Think about how many people drive by a listing and want more information – like pictures, prices, etc. Those people are going to find it easy to text in. Even if the house doesn’t turn out to be something they like, they now have access to your other listings, and you have a way of contacting them in the future. Even if 3 people a day text in, the value of the database you’re building over time is definitely well worth it!

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Analytics and Monitoring

 Oh, and let’s not forget about storing all of this data in your favorite CRM. By using our Lead Capture system, an agent can build a comprehensive SMS marketing plan for every single listing. Pull listing data directly from MLS and automatically create a property website for each listing that is designed specifically for viewing on a mobile phone. How do you figure out what works and what doesn’t?

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